Friday, October 23, 2009

Dog Lover's Giveaway . . .

 Last week I ran a race and got lots of schwag.  Not being a dog owner, I wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  Thus, the first Back of the Pack Giveway!

Let's see, here we have a ziploc baggie of dog biscuits, another bag of treats, and the Hydro-Go, which bills itself as a Pet Canteen with a Fold Out Bowl.  Comes with a plastic carrying strap, too, and is a neat little item for the active dog.  Or something like that.

Alright, I've seen this done, and I think this is the general procedure.  Leave a comment here on this post, you get one entry.  Link back to this post on your own blog (and mention it in your comment) and you get two entries.  Reply by October 29.  Check back here on Friday October 30, prior to which I will have picked my favorite person randomly drawn the winner from the entries, and you just might be the recipient of free stuff!!  And, while you're here, look around a bit and see if you're interested in reading about my slow running adventures (yeah, nothing's really that free).  Or, just leave a post and hope you win!

In your post, tell me what's your favorite dog breed, and why.  I happen to be fond of Border Collies, 'cause of their smarts and their obsessive personalties (making my running partner in the above-mentioned race all the more interesting).  If I ever get a dog, I hope it's got a little border in its blood.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!


EricaH said...

i have always wanted a black lab i think they make great family dogs, i have yet to get one though.

also I have a running sleeve giveaway going on right now if you are interested

Gina said...

I have an English Bulldog and I must say I'm in love with the breed. They are these big fatties that think they are lap dogs! Not to mention their snoring is just too cute for words!

run said...

I'm partial to beagles, since my dog is part-beagle.

Leslie Elizabeth said...

My dog Jackson would LOVE all these treats!! He is part Bischon Frise part Shih Tzu. He is the cutest EVER (as far as I am concerned!)

Thanks for the giveaway!

And Her Little Dog Too

Formulaic said...


I just had to jump in on this! I actually have two dogs and I think that I have created monsters of them. I hope to blog about them soon but the jist of the point is that I have created what once was dogs who liked the occasional trip to the block and back and are now running monsters that don't even feel warmed up unless it's over a mile or two! Keep going; keep going I love to run! That's all I hear from them at least until mile 5 and then they show signs of exhaustion.

5 miles! My biggest fear is that they'll go off leash and RUN! They'll end up in the next state before they stop! Super dogs.

(super dogs who would love a dogs canteen/bowl btw!!! ;) )

Oh!I have added you to my bloglist!

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, unfortunately, I do not have a dog but I think that Pet Canteen is really cool and do have a couple neighbors with dogs who'd love to have that (and Xmas is coming!). My favorite dog breeds are Golden Lab and Alaskan Husky. I used to have a dog that was a mix of both and he had a great personality, great looks and loved to run. My kind of dog!