Friday, October 9, 2009

A happy Tahoe home . . . .

. . . has a lot of wood stacked up by this time of year.
This represents maybe half of the wood that Tom and I have gathered, split and stacked over the summer. We've been burning wood now for just over a week or so, and I am more mentally prepared for the coming winter than I was, say, 3 weeks ago. I've still got a way to go, but having a nice warm evenly-heated house, and having lots of wood within reach, makes it all a little easier.
Yesterday I topped off my busy physical week with my favorite point-to-point trail run, the 10.5 mile Emigrant Trail, and really enjoyed the run and the opportunity to soak up some of the last of the warm weather (yeah, ok, I'm a little obsessed with the change of seasons . . . silly). Right off the bat some women on mt bikes stopped me as I ran along to make sure I saw some of the wildlife . . .
Here's a kinda crappy photo of one of the two fawns accompanying mama doe out for an amble. Of interest (for deer are not a rare sighting around here) they seemed totally relaxed, and mama actually came almost within touching distance, and showed no fear. I wanted to whisper in her ear, Don't eat my flowers next year, ok? I don't think it would have helped much, though.
Anyhow, I felt great the first 8 miles or so, actually thinking Hey, this is easy now! and being happy with loose legs and the feeling that I could run forever. Or, more like 8 miles, because the last 2.5 miles were KILLER and all I wanted to do was stop and walk the rest. I kept it together, though, and finished the run running, and didn't walk at all (though for some of the climbs, my running speed was probably slower than if I had walked).
I pack up today for my week of work, and am really hoping I can fit in some runs among the 12 hour night shifts. That hasn't been working out too well for me lately, and I'm really going to try to get out there at least once or twice in the next 6 days.


Stuart said...

Amazing to think that you're only 4 hours away and how different it all is!

Nice job on the run, fingers xd for your night shifts

Lisa said...

Hi there. I just happened upon your blog while surfing other running blogs. Like you, I started running the year I turned 40, and found that I like it. I live in the Bay Area and am not enjoying the changing weather. I've added you to my reader.