Tuesday, October 6, 2009

River Run

It's a little odd to discover a hitherto unknown running trail lying right under your nose. This happened yesterday, as for the first time I ran along the Truckee River -- running right through the heart of my downtown. Perhaps I had vaguely known of this trail, which for a time runs alongside the much more established (and now regretfully paved) Legacy Trail, but it wasn't until we floated the river on tubes (another story . . .) that I actually SAW it and said, Oh, I gotta run that. Then, it took another 3 weeks for that memory to resurface and WaLa! however you spell it yesterday I found myself with this awesome feast for the eyes:
I got as far as the sewage plant (perhaps negating the 'feast' designation for the run), then turned back, making this an almost perfect 5 mile trail run arrow to add to my quiver of local runs. Mostly flat, a little technical, great river views and sounds, and very close to home.

I ignored the artfully placed rocks along the trail telling me which way to go, sure that I knew better, which led to some unnecessary route finding, which led to me taking a tumble down a little hill, which led to this . . .
. . . which did NOT lead me to the Emergency Room, though over the weekend I saw a patient with "injuries" only very slightly more traumatic than this. Really. It's amazing what people think constitutes an emergency, but that too is another subject all together. Meanwhile, I'll just blog for attention . . . ;-)

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Is that all scraped up? Makes my rouge elbow look like child's play.

So, the sewage plant, does that add to the "great smells?".

Glad the 5miles went well.