Monday, October 19, 2009

Truckee River Day

Yesterday we decided to pay a little back for all of our trail use, and we participated in Truckee River Day.  Tom's done lots of these community-service days before (though not in the mandated, criminal way that "community service" conjures up) though this was my first foray.  We were assigned to a small group working on Sage Hen Creek, about 3 miles out of downtown Truckee.  Our target?  Lots and lots of barbed wire.

The wire was left over from ranching in the area years and years and years ago, and was spread out all along the trail.  About 7 of us hiked in around a mile, and got to work.  Here's Tom securing some bundles to one of two wheelbarrows.

We must've bundled up at least a mile of the stuff, maybe more.  Initially a little clumsy with the wire (as evidenced by my scratched-up forearms), I think I can say I'm now an expert in barbed wire rolling.  We'd each roll up maybe 20 feet of the stuff, secure it, then toss it off to the side, later to be gathered into wheelbarrow loads. 

The hardest job was probably running the loaded wheelbarrows the mile back to the cars.  The trail was mostly flat, but did have some difficult spots.  It was, however, a beautiful day and the colors bright yellow and very fall like and yay! Sage Hen trail looks like the PERFECT running trail, like I said mostly flat and running right along this lovely creek all the way out to Stampede Resevior.  I think I will find my feet there soon.

We filled a whole truck up with rolls and rolls of wire. 
The day ended on a dissapointing note, though.  As volunteers, we not only got Tshirts (this was a banner weekend for tshirt collection) but were promised a big ol' after-work meal catered by Cottonwood, one of the better restuarants in town.  After finishing our day of work right on time, we headed to the site of the feast only to find . . . all of the food gone.  Bummer!  We had both really been looking forward to the food (we do just about anything for free food these days!), and were starving!

No big deal, really.  It did feel good for me to give back to all the trails I've been running lately, and better still to find a new trail all ready for the exploring!

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ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, can't imagine how much work it must have taken to roll up all that barbed wire and then push the wheelbarrows back. Sorry the food was all gone when you were done!