Thursday, October 15, 2009


Got out and did the final run of the Underground Race Series, this being the week for the 4 mile trail run. What a nice run, it had recently rained and the trail was all packed and not dusty, the weather was perfect for running the timing coincided nicely with the sunset. I felt like I was running super fast, just really light and easy, yet every time I looked at Gary I was running at my regular pace. No worries, the run felt great and it was wonderful to get out there and race with my new friends one last time. There's an awards ceremony pot luck (and another little fun run) on Monday night, so I'm looking forward to that. My times:

Mile 1: 11:39
Mile 2: 12:40
Mile 3: 12:26
Mile 4: 11:40

Which makes my finish time pretty consistent with all the other runs I've done in this series.

And, oh, lest I forget in my Upcoming Races list, on December 5 (or 6?) I've got the Borax Death Valley Half Marathon . . . what a beautiful run that is!

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